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Neergaard Pharmacy is a unique and professional pharmacy located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Neergaard has been serving the community for generations. Julius De Neergaard was an immigrant from Denmark. He opened a pharmacy after passing the NY state boards in 1888. He purchased a building and in 1901 he opened a pharmacy that remained opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The 24 hour service became the hallmark and logo of Neergaard Pharmacy. It wasn’t until 1965 a pharmacy in Manhattan remained opened 24 hours.

Julius’s son was born in the apartment above the 5th Ave. store in 1894. His son William De Neergaard (Bud) became a pharmacist in 1916. He served 15 months in WWII and returned to Brooklyn, continuing the family legacy. Neergaard Pharmacy prospered under Bub’s leadership. He established a surgical department.

In 1923, Bud had a son William DeNeerrard (Bill). He served in WWII for the US Navy and obtained rank of Lieutenant. Upon his return he joined his family’s business and he became a pharmacist. He was instrumental in renovating the 5th Avenue store and he opened a second store, Neergaard II located on 7th Ave, also in Park Slope Brooklyn. The DeNeergaard family was in operation for 100 years.

The medical equipment we offer includes mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen systems, lift chairs, hospital beds and more. We also carry the smaller necessities like therapeutic shoes, canes, diabetic supplies, support stockings and other medical accessories.

We are unique in that we have our own cosmetics department with a large selection of beauty, skin care products and fine fragrance from around the world. For a younger audience we also offer games, puzzles, educational toys, arts and crafts and stuffed animals, including toys and supplies for babies. We will even wrap your fun gift for you right when you purchase it.

If you want around-the-clock service from a business that has been a part of the community since 1888, come visit any of our 3 locations, including our newest in Manhattan. Also browse our online catalog or get in contact with us today.

We believe that the connections we have made with our customers by providing quality service are what have allowed us to be a part of the Brooklyn community for over a century. Whether you need a home or workplace wheelchair evaluation, have questions with insurance billing or just need to pick up some medicine for a sick child in the middle of the night, we are here to help.

We deliver throughout Brooklyn, provide 24-hour emergency service, evaluate customers for specialized products and offer trial fittings and product samples. Our services also include:

  • Time and travel to secure proper documentation for patient
  • Monitoring use of product
  • Billing of primary or secondary payer sources
  • Rework of denied claims
  • We prepare compliance reports for doctors and insurance companies on the patient’s behalf
  • User compliance reports
  • Cleaning of equipment
  • Loaner products while client’s product is in for service
  • Provide oxygen conserving devices for client’s ease of portability of O2
  • Providing equipment in special cases prior to being able to bill for them
  • Accepting assignment (we file your claim with the insurance company or Medicare so you receive the maximum benefit available)

Over the years we have helped thousands of people in our community, and we look forward to serving the people of Brooklyn in the future. Contact us with any questions or inquiries, or browse our online catalog to see what we have to offer.

We feel privileged to have been a part of our community for so long, and the driving force behind our success has been our philosophy: “We care about you, and your health is our business.” This personalized approach to your health has allowed us to make lasting connections with people in our community and better serve them.

Our friendly staff of 20 includes Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, a Certified Wound Specialist and other experts ready to help you find a particular item or answer any question you have. By receiving additional industry training every year, our staff members stay up to date on current products and care techniques.

The hard work of our staff in providing quality customer service every day has allowed us to be recognized by Medicare as being able to meet the home medical equipment needs of seniors, as well as meeting all Medicare Supplier Standards. Our high level of care has also earned us accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, an organization committed to improving quality of care.

So, come by one of our locations, give us a call or browse our online catalog to see how the staff at Neergaard Pharmacies can help you today.

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